National Tour Reviews

Broadway World – National Tours (Raleigh, NC)


DeAnna Choi plays a steadfast Lady Thiang, head wife to the King. Make no mistake, she's the one who rules this roost with an iron hand. Her shining and defining moment happens towards the end of the first act when she implores a somewhat exasperated Anna to go to the King. A strong vibrato and impassioned rendition of Something Wonderful roots this scene ever effectively. It is clear Lady Thiang understands what is at stake if Anna leaves Siam, not necessarily for King Mongkut, but for her son, heir apparent, Prince Chulalongkorn. She is no submissive. She is carefully, cunningly crafting the future of her small sovereign nation, something that is more evident in this inspired revival production, and perhaps Choi's portrayal of this character, than other adaptations of this story.

Broadway World – National Tours (Sioux Falls, SD)


"Choi's portrayal of Lady Thiang is positively royal. She brings an elegance to Lady Thiang and commands the stage during the emotionally revealing song "Something Wonderful" in which we see into the heart of a woman who respects tradition and loyalty to her husband while truly being the woman behind the man, guiding him throughout the show without him realizing it." - (Dayton, OH)


"To have multiple wives seems unfathomable, but if they are all like Lady Thiang (DeAnna Choi) it might not be so bad. On her first national tour, Choi graces the stage like a seasoned veteran. She exudes more royalty than Queen Latifah and has a superior voice too. If Choi’s rendition of ‘Something Wonderful’ could be visualized it would be more beautiful than all of the royal weddings combined. I found Choi to be mesmerizing, confident, inspiring etc. etc. etc"

Broadway World – National Tours (Dayton, OH)


“DeAnna Choi (Lady Thiang) is the backbone of the story as she plays a hand in everyone's lives, guiding their fates also displays impressive vocals on "Something Wonderful."

The Joyous Living -- (Thousand Oaks, CA)

"The highlight of the evening is DeAnna Choi's "Something Wonderful" during Act One. Choi has a gorgeous soprano that is pure and convincing. Although Choi's character does not say much she is a strong woman who helps orchestrate the future of her country through her actions. In fact she was the first cast member to receive a strong standing ovation Friday evening at the performance I attended...It was Choi's "Something Wonderful" that drew the loudest applause." 

Broadway World – National Tours (Thousand Oaks, CA))

"The rest of the cast is wonderful, headed by DeAnna Choi as Lady Thiang, the King's most prominent wife, who exudes authority despite her diminutive stature and whose "Something Wonderful" is one of the musical highlights of the show."

Broadway World – National Tours (Portland, OR)

"The emotion is not missing from DeAnna Choi's Lady Thiang. A Portland native, Choi is responsible for the most moving parts of the show -- not just when she sings "Something Wonderful," an anthem to love despite human fallibility, but also during the biting cultural critique "Western People Funny."

Broadway World – National Tours (Indianapolis, IN)


"DeAnna Choi as the King's head wife, Lady Thiang, exuded a soft but masterful serenity of emotional self-control."

Broadway World – National Tours (Lied Center, Lincoln, NE)


“Head wife, Lady Thiang (DeAnna Choi), entreats Anna to advise the king on international matters...Lady Thiang understands how he thinks and she clearly cares for him. In 'Something Wonderful' Choi really is something wonderful. Her voice is extraordinary.”